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Frequently Asked Questions
What types of developments may register in the Classic Program?

The Classic Program is open to golf courses, golf communities, and golf resorts.

How much of a project must be registered for membership in the program?

The entire property, including the maintenance facility and clubhouse must meet the minimum requirements of the program.

Can a golf course not undergoing renovation join the program?

Yes, golf courses that are not undergoing renovation but that the owner feels will meet all the requirements of the Classic Program may join.

What are the minimum program requirements?
  • Maintain a qualified property manager in charge of Classic Program compliance  throughout any reconstruction or restoration, as well as during operation and maintenance, of the property.
  • Follow the provisions of the Classic Property Management Plan (CPMP) throughout any reconstruction or restoration of the property, as well as operation and maintenance of the property.

  • Identify and protect wildlife and habitats, during and after any reconstruction or restoration, as well as during operation and maintenance of the property.
  • Protect water quality, which includes installing or maintaining a proper drainage system, during and after any reconstruction or restoration, as well as during operation and maintenance, of the property. 
  • Design, in the case of reconstruction or restoration, and manage the property in a manner that minimizes intensive maintenance and non-renewable resource use in its management.

  • Use turfgrass suitable for the ecological region in which the property is located. 

  • Prepare and use a proper Integrated Pest Management Plan. 

  • Install or maintain a proper irrigation system. 

  • For a property that conducts its own property maintenance services with vehicles and equipment stored or maintained on site, provide and maintain a proper Natural Resource Management Center (i.e. maintenance facility). 
  • Once certified, provide signage or other Audubon International-approved means of notifying the public – or if a private membership development, the membership – of the status of the property development as a certified Audubon Classic Sanctuary. 
How many site visits will be made to my property?

Audubon International will make a total of three (3) site visits to your property, including one (1) site visit when the project is completed to determine if the project will be certified as a Certified Audubon Classic Sanctuary. The member is responsible for all expenses incurred during these visits.

When will my property be eligible for recertification and why should I recertify?

Classic Program members are eligible for recertification every two years, at which time an Audubon International staff member will conduct a site visit. Audubon International provides education and technical assistance during renovation and management of the project. The recertification process allows you to make continuous improvements and to have access to our staff and educational assistance.

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