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Your contribution will support habitat creation for monarchs on golf courses. Funds will be used to purchase seed & provide technical assistance to ensure planting success!

About the Monarchs in the Rough Program

In the last 20 years, monarchs have declined by 90%. Audubon International & the Environmental Defense Fund have teamed up to partner with North America’s golf courses to reverse the decline. We are working to establish essential habitat for butterflies, increase awareness of conservation challenges and provide technical support for projects on-the-ground.

Golf courses represent a wonderful opportunity to plant milkweed and other wildflowers to provide everything monarchs need to survive. The Monarchs In The Rough initiative will guide land managers through pesticide reduction, site preparation, planting and long term maintenance of habitat for pollinators. Our goal is to create at least 1 acre of new vegetation installed specifically to bolster monarch numbers on every golf course. The program is open to ANY golf course in Canada, Mexico or the United States. Many courses have existing gardens and larger plots dedicated to wildlife already – we want you involved with Monarchs In The Rough too! 

Not involved in the golf industry or would like to support stewardship of monarchs generally? DONATE TODAY! Monarchs In The Rough partners will use your gift to purchase necessary seed, provide technical assistance to project participants and monitor success of plantings.

The First 100 courses will receive enough milkweed seeds to plant 1 acre. Priority will be given to Audubon Signature, Classic, and Cooperative Sanctuary Program Member Courses (BECOME A MEMBER) to show appreciation for their on-going support of natural resources management. However, your course need not be a member to encourage butterfly habitat on properties under your care. A quality sign is available and will demonstrate your commitment for increasing the monarch population. We encourage sourcing additional wildflower seeds to provide diverse nectar resources for butterflies throughout their life cycle. Monarchs In The Rough can help you find seed and everything else you may need to be successful!

Some additional benefits of monarch stewardship:

  • Your business recognized as an environmental leader.
  • A variety of wildlife will use established monarch habitat.
  • Reduced inputs of fertilizer and pesticides saving your operation critical funds.
  • New ways to connect with your community.

In the United States alone, there are approximately 15,000 golf courses. The goal of Monarchs In The Rough is to facilitate monarch conservation on as many of those courses across the geographic range of these iconic butterflies as possible. We estimate that there are at least 100,000 acres of available space on golf courses to help butterflies. Across the continent there is a goal is to have between 1-1.5 billion stems of milkweed available for monarchs. This amount of plants is what is required to maintain a robust population of butterflies at the overwintering sites in Mexico. Monarchs In The Rough has the potential to provide up to 20 million milkweed plants toward that goal! The impact of the program will be even greater as outreach efforts result in additional activities beyond golf courses by homeowners, businesses and others interesting in saving monarchs & their migration for future generations.

Join Us!

Audubon International Golf Members, contact:

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Opening slide photograph courtesy of Sharon Wander, North Jersey Butterfly Club.

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