Benefits of Membership

Sustainability is an investment in your community–in the well-being of the people, the economy, the environment, and the future. In many ways, your participation in Audubon International’s Sustainable Communities Program is the first deposit in that investment. Over time, you’ll invest in other ways as well with money, human capital, time, and effort that help to make your community a healthier, more desirable and more vibrant place in which to live, work, and play.


But what kind of return might you expect on that investment? In strict financial terms, some of your efforts will pay off immediately and start saving or earning you money. Other efforts will have an up-front cost, but will have a definite payback period. Others still will not be as easily measured in economic terms, but will pay off in other ways that are just as meaningful, tangible, and important.

As a member of Audubon International’s Sustainable Communities Program you will receive:

  • The expertise of Audubon International’s staff
  • Guidance in enhancing existing sustainability efforts, strategic planning, and establishing measures of success
  • Subscriptions to Stewardship News
  • Regular email updates with resources and funding opportunities
  • Fact sheets on common topics

In addition, as a sustainable community you can expect to see many of the following long-term results:

  • Recognition as a leader in defining a future for your community
  • Enhanced community pride and heightened cooperation among community members
  • Improved environmental quality
  • Improved quality of life and community safety
  • Enhanced recreational opportunities
  • Increased tourism and other economic development
  • Financial savings through more efficient practices
  • Increased desirability of your community for potential residents and increased property values


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